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“The Fellowship” 

Furious Gazelle, 2016.

A story about love and neglect.

“Quitter Takes All” 

Cleaver, 2014.

A story about ambition and rejection


“The Rules”*

Kerning, A Space for Words, 2023. 

The rules of drinking. 

*(above link for purchase; see pdf of piece here)

"Young Adulting"

Free State Review, 2020. 

Writing for young adults in middle age.


Motherhood Feels 

Dr. Jill , 2023.

Parenting, writing, and activism.

“Family Dinner”

ASLE podcast, 2021. 

Story about climate and teen angst.


LA Times Letter to The Editor

Los Angeles Times, 2023. 

Letter on extreme heat and new energy systems.

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