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Assistant Professor

​I started my Otis College journey as a grad student. Now I'm an Assistant Professor of English and the Creative Writing Minor Area Head. My curriculum considers how  improvisation, performance, and writing can help us navigate the climate crisis. 

Faculty Development Grant 2023

Climate Storytelling

How do you feel about the changing climate? Panicked? Hopeful? Apathetic? You don’t have to be a scientist or an activist or a killjoy to write stories about climate change. You can even use things like a sense of humor. We won’t get through this crisis without it.​


Climate Crisis Comedy & Tragedy 


We are improvising all the time, moment-to-moment, cradle to grave. The tenets of improv - "yes, and…", deepening relationship, raising stakes, surrender - can be applied to the creative process writ large, to our academic, civic, and personal lives​


AICAD Conference Improv & Designers

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